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Advance your skills and reach new heights when you participate in the postgraduate studies from Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB) in Plano, Texas. Our unique PGSCN online program offers students around the world a way to pass their certifications. We are available to assist with your initial test and CCN recertification.


Participating in the PGSCN online program

CNCB Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition and other credentialing and continuing education programs are intended as advanced training for physicians and other health care professionals. These courses alone do not confer upon an unlicensed practitioner the legal authority to implement the information in these courses upon patients or clients. Some of the information in these courses may be beyond the scope of a private practice CCN who is not licensed as, or supervised by a physician, or other appropriately licensed practitioner.

Before utilizing the information or techniques presented in these courses on patients or clients, an unlicensed practitioner, or a practitioner with a restrictive license (such as a pharmacist, chiropractor, nurse or dietician) should check with the relevant practice acts in his/her state to ensure that the practitioner’s use of the modalities, therapies, or techniques set forth in these courses is consistent with state law. Core academic requirements for PGSCN & CCN examination approval include the following:

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Step One:

Due to educational facilities closing for COVID-19 precautionary measures, the CNCB will be accepting scanned copies of degrees, transcripts and licensure until such time as originals can be obtained.  The documents should be emailed with the Credential Review Application to ddc@clinicalnutrition.com in a .pdf format if possible.

With many of us spending more time at home, now is a great opportunity to begin your online studies in Clinical Nutrition.

Submit the Credential Review Application to initiate the approval process, review the CCN Exam Candidate Handbook for the PGSCN program content and CCN maintenance requirements.

Credential Review Form Application
CCN Exam Candidate Handbook

Step Two:

After CNCB Credential Review Board approval, access the course online and begin your study. Four sessions are $1125.00 each session, paid individually. Once accessed, they must be completed within 90 days. Holding an MS in Human Clinical Nutrition may exempt you from the PGSCN online program. Note: Our online PGSCN program publishing house is in Canada. Check with your bank or credit card company to see if they charge any type of additional fee.

Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition Online Program Access
Note: The program sessions can be taken in any order. In Session 3 a prep review course is mentioned, however, this is no longer available since the program is online and you may review the material there. DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ONLINE CCN PRACTICE EXAMS- THEY  ARE FRAUDULENT & NOT VALID!  

Step Three:

After completion of the PGSCN online program, submit the Notarized CCN Exam Application by mail to the CNCB office. You must verify the CNCB office has received the Notarized CCN Exam Application before proceeding to the online CCN Exam Registration.

CCN Exam Application (exam payment online – do not mail CNCB the check)

Taking the CCN Exam

The CCN exam period is 3 hours straight. Please note that you are not permitted to exit the exam room once the test has begun. We highly recommend at least 90 days’ time to study the below exam text before sitting for the exam.


Professional Practice Guidelines & Disciplinary Procedures (quick print-out)
CCN Exam Application (exam payment online – do not mail CNCB the check)

It is highly recommended that individuals holding an MS in Human/Clinical Nutrition who are not participating in the PGSCN Program, purchase and study the following text associated with the PGSCN program Session IV. Individuals should call the CNCB office to obtain the discount code for purchase of this text.

The Basic 100
By HL Sam Queen, MA, CCN, DSc


Betty Queen: CustomerService@Designed2Win.com

CCN Online Exam

We strongly recommend that you begin your exam between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on weekdays (except holidays). Technical support may not be available outside of these times.

NCTA Testing Centers for Proctored Examination

Online CCN Exam Registration

Contact the CNCB office for a CCN Exam Retake: (972) 250-2829

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Contact us in Plano, Texas, to meet with us for your postgraduate studies. Our PGSCN online program is open to participants throughout the country and around the world.